My Notes on: Mule 3 Fundamentals: Contents (on this Blog), Where Next, and Get Certified

The last 12 posts were my notes from having followed the (free) ‘Mule 3 Fundamentals’ course from I find it’s the best way to keep my attention on an online course, is by taking notes. Then I review the notes, see if they make sense, and - if they are worth recording - I’ll make the effort to post them to a blog (so if I forget there’s something to jog my memory). Note: If you’re wondering why this isn’t for Mule 4, my requirement was to learn about Mule 3.

Note: The full course title is: Anypoint Platform Development Fundamentals (Mule 3)

1) Contents (on this Blog)

Notes: Module 1: Mule 3 Fundamentals: Introducing API-Led Connectivity

Notes: Module 2: Mule 3 Fundamentals: Designing APIs

Notes: Module 3: Mule 3 Fundamentals: Building APIs

Notes: Module 4: Mule 3 Fundamentals: Deploying and Managing APIs

Notes: Module 5: Mule 3 Fundamentals: Accessing and Modifying Mule Messages

Notes: Module 6: Mule 3 Fundamentals: Structuring Mule Applications

Notes: Module 7: Mule 3 Fundamentals: Consuming Web Services

Notes: Module 8: Mule 3 Fundamentals: Handling Errors

Notes: Module 9: Mule 3 Fundamentals: Controlling Message Flow

Notes: Module 10: Mule 3 Fundamentals: Writing DataWeave Transformations

Notes: Module 11: Mule 3 Fundamentals: Connecting to Additional Resources

Notes: Module 12: Mule 3 Fundamentals: Processing Records (Batch)

2) Where to go from here?

Take Advanced Anypoint Platform Development:
- Managing Mule Development Projects with Maven
- Managing Mule code
- Achieving Continuous Integration
- Driving Development with MUnit
- Developing Custom Components
- Implementing Design Patterns
- Tuning Applications for Performance
- Working with State
- Securing Communications with SSL

3) Get certified!

MCD - Integration and API Associate (First Level)
MCD - Integration Professional (Second Level)
MCD - API Design Associate
MCD - Connector Specialist


  1. Thank you so much. This notes will be helpful for recap all the topics and for quick revision for Certification :)


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