(Free) NetApp Management Stack for File Services and 7-Mode Migration to Clustered Data ONTAP

If you’ve been following this blog over the last few weeks, you’ll have noticed quite a few Quick Install Guides. Well, now we reach the climax of why we’ve been doing all these!

The following links below briefly cover installing what would make up (nearly) the complete set of free NetApp management products (OFFTAP) for a Clustered Data ONTAP 8.2.1 file services infrastructure, together with the 7MTT in there for migration from 7-Mode. All the NetApp products in these install guides are indeed free, they don’t require any license.

Note: These are products you can utilize, but by no means do you actually need to utilize them.

Additionally, you will want PuTTY or a similar SSH client (of course).
And other tools that you might find useful: Data ONTAP PowerShell Toolkit (currently 3.3.1) and nSANity.

I made the following attempt at showing how all the OFFTAP components inter-communicate with themselves and CDOT. Not totally sure my attempt met with success (remember, this is completely unofficial like everything else on this enthusiasts blog - I gave it a couple of hours of my time and that was that) but here I present it anyway (I was going to put in 7-Mode controllers too but decided against it)!

Dark Blue = HTTPS port 443 (or 8443 to the 7MTT)
Dark Blue (dotted) = HTTP port 80 (or 8088 to the 7MTT)
Orange = SSH port 22
Brown = SNMP port 161/162 (source 161 to destination 162)
Pink = LDAP port 389 (or 445, 139 from WFA)
Green = SMTP port 25
Grey = NTP port 123
Purple = MySQL port 3306
Dark Red = Syslog port 514

Image: OFFTAP products inter-communicating with Clustered ONTAP for file services infrastructure